LASIK Red Eyes

Patients may develop red eyes after the LASIK surgical treatment. It is usually observed that patients experience mild discomfort, burning and itching eyes immediately after the LASIK procedure. In some cases, your eyes may look blood red due to the presence of some small pink or red patches on the corneal surface of the eye. These patches may continue to exist for some days and gradually the symptom subsides and you can resume your normal activities. But if the redness of the eyes persists for long, you should see the surgeon immediately. The redness of the eyes may turn serious if it is followed by some common physical ailments including eye lesions, eye discharge, and swelling of the eye, itchy eyes, burning and pain. Patients may experience cloudy vision and sometimes become extremely sensitive to bright lights.

LASIK red eyes or the onset of redness after LASIK is a common post-operative symptom that may occur due to internal hemorrhage on the corneal surface or the eyes are exposed to any kind of fungal eye infection. Another reason for having red eyes is the high incidence of dry eyes. If a patient is prescribed contact lens wear even after the surgery, in some cases it is observed, that the individual is complaining about red eyes. Other causes of LASIK Red Eyes are

  • computer vision syndrome
  • conjunctivitis
  • contact lens problem
  • cranial nerve palsy
  • dry eye syndrome
  • environmental condition
  • infectious conjunctivitis caused by bacteria, virus or allergens
  • corneal ulceration
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